One Hour Player Evaluation – ONLY £19.99. Our unique consultation assesses your whole game of golf in just an hour. All the strengths and weakness in all areas of your game will be identified and collated to form a detailed personalised program for your needs. Finding out all the relevant information will ensure you are coached in the best possible way for your learning styles, but it will also help you achieve and realise your full potential.

Areas covered include:

  • The Golf Swing
  • Putting
  • Bio-Mechanics
  • Short Game
  • Psychology
  • Equipment Check

The personalised program is tailored to suit your particular needs and it sets out a realistic time scale in which all areas of your game can be covered. This will give you targets to focus on, not only with your coach, but also when you are out practising by yourself, or on the golf course.

The coach will take time understanding your practical and mental approaches to the game. Many people forget, or do not realise, the importance of their state of mind.

Our one hour player evaluation also includes:

  • Free Lesson & Practice Notes
  • Free Web Profile to view your video swing and lesson notes on the internet
  • Full Video Capture & Summary
  • Plan of Action

One Hour Player Evaluation – £19.99