Get One-on-One Individual golf tuition from one of our experienced and friendly golf coaches. With the coach’s full attention you can really concentrate on those areas of your game that need improving.

Throughout your lessons we concentrate on 5 key areas to improve your golf. These are:

  • Long Game
  • Short Game
  • Creative Skills
  • Psychology
  • Biomechanics

The use of video swing analysis will help you pinpoint your weaknesses as well as your strengths, giving you a broader understanding and visualisation of your swing ‘as a whole’.

After every lesson the coach will write up notes on the lesson, for you to refer to when practising. You will also be able to check out your progress and lesson notes through your own unique internet based Pupil Profile.

Individual lessons are brilliant for beginners. Have the full attention of the coach to ensure you are holding the club correctly, your posture is perfect and your swing is smooth. The coach will guide you through all the basics of becoming a super golfer!

If you want company during your lesson, bring a member of your family or a friend along with you. Share the cost of having quality time with your coach!

We have locations all over the UK, including London, open 7 days a week.