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Kieren Baldwin

Greenwich, London

About Kieren

The relationship between a player and their coach is key to progression and I find there is not a single coaching technique to suit all, therefore I thoroughly enjoy working with each player on their individual journey to becoming a better player. Overcoming challenges as a team is something I strive towards within every coaching hour

Kieren has a fresh and modern style of coaching that has been developed through performing a large amount of lessons across the UK and Europe over many years. His unique coaching skills are easily understandable to a wide spectrum of players from beginner to elite standard.

Using highly advanced technology such as video analysis and Flightscope launch monitors, every golf shot throughout a lesson is able to be tracked which includes information such as club head speed, position at impact, spin rate, overall distance and more. Kieren is able to diagnose any issues you may have with the game, if not visually obvious, this modern technology will provide detailed data, which helps to solve these problems. Therefore these are great tools that enable you to gain a better understanding, such as how to develop more consistent yardages and why you may struggle with ball flight direction.

At the end of each lesson, Kieren will be able to provide a detailed report containing before/after changes and the key areas required for practising between lessons.
When coached by Kieren, your lessons will not finish the moment you leave the premises as he is extremely proactive at keeping in touch between coaching sessions, all pupils are encouraged to send recent results or videos of their swing and he is available for any questions you may have regarding your technique/practise.

To get started on your game, why not book a 1hr consultation session with Kieren. For 29.99 you will gain knowledge of what is required to improve your ability and be provided with an action plan guiding you in overcoming issues found.

Available lessons with Kieren

2018 Academy Lesson £ 60.00 Book now
PLAYER EVALUATION 2021 £ 30.00 Book now
JUNIOR (UNDER16) 2021 £ 40.00 Book now
50 MINUTES 2 X PEOPLE 2021 £ 75.00 Book now
50 MINUTES 3-4 PEOPLE 2021 £ 85.00 Book now
2020 Academy lesson £ 65.00 Book now
50 MINUTES 1 X PERSON 2021 £ 70.00 Book now

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