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Shaun Ferguson

Greenwich, London

About Shaun

Shaun is an experienced coach, having held 3 Head Professional positions and coached on three continents previously, as well as spending the last 2 seasons caddying on the European Tour in order to see first-hand what it really takes to get there, and what life on Tour is really like.

Whether you are just starting out, or an established player, he will coach YOU, not the latest fad or try to fit you to a swing type, Shaun doesnt believe that there is only one way to swing a club (he has coached a person with a missing limb to a single figure h/c) but there is definitely a way that is optimum for you - let's find it!

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, he now lives and works in the UK. He has over 17 years teaching experience and over 10,000 lessons given, covering locations in Africa, Middle East and England, delivering to a very wide spread of nationalities and abilities.

He loves what he does, and he loves helping people improve!

Available lessons with Shaun

EVALUATION (50min No Coaching) £ 45.00 Book now
(2024) 50min COACHING SESSION £ 80.00 Book now
(2024) 50min SESSION 2 PAX £ 100.00 Book now
(2024) 1hr 50min SESSION 1:1 £ 160.00 Book now
(2024) 1hr 50min SESSION 2 PAX £ 200.00 Book now

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