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Daniel Lacy

Greenwich, London

About Daniel

Daniel has been coaching full time for 8 years and enjoys helping all golfers no matter what their ability level. His experience and knowledge allows students to experience a wide range of tuition options. Daniel takes a simplistic approach to coaching designed to help pupils clearly understand their faults and the fix.

Daniels expertise lies in devising coaching programs that get results where is matters, on the golf course. His knowledge of ball flight, swing mechanics, putting and course management ensure clients who are committed to improvement are able to meet their goals. Daniel uses the latest technology the Trackman 4 to analyse ball flight and club data as well as using high speed cameras to analyse your swing. Swing videos are emailed directly to you after each session to monitor your progress and to provide goals and structure for your practice. His approach has seen him quickly become one of the most recommended instructors in London.

Daniel is a director of the N1Golf Foundation and has helped introduce thousands of juniors to the game. He is currently a Lead Coach to Middlesex County Under 16s and 14s Squads.

Daniel recommends booking an evaluation session where we can look at every aspect of your game with slow motion camera and Trackman to decide on an action plan of how best to improve your game and lower your scores.

Available lessons with Daniel

50 MINUTE LESSON 2022 £ 80.00 Book now
Joint Lesson 2 People £ 90.00 Book now
PLAYER EVALUATION £ 40.00 Book now

At N1GOLF we aim to help everyone learn and enjoy golf to their potential. Book a session at your nearest venue today and start your journey to success!

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