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Craig Gornall

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About Craig

I turned Professional over 8 years ago and since then I have been very hungry to build my knowledge of coaching through various ways such as studying at The University of Birmingham for 4 years which has seen me become a grade AA PGA Professional and also allowed me to achieve Advance Certified Golf Coach status, I have also gained my TPI Certification and Swing Catalyst Certification which is involved with the way people can move and how that effects the golf swing, I have also become a Level 2 Trackman Certified Coach.

A number of my coaching achievements so far have been:
-Coached at The Open Championship 2015, 2016 & 2017
-Achieved quantifiable improvement with every golfer who completed a personal development programme
-Taught across Europe and successfully organised golf coaching holidays
-Introduced golf to over 1000 new golfers

I believe all your development should be tracked so then we can quantify improvement and help you work on your game successfully away from the lesson.

The way I am able to do this is with the use of Trackman 4 to give you all the club & ball data from your shots, the use of High Speed Cameras to show those improvements, Video Screen Casts available for you after each session to remind you of the information to help your practice and finally On Course Skills Cards to evaluate certain areas of your game to highlight improvement.

If you are struggling with Consistency or just want to become more Confident with your golf please book in for an evaluation session I guarantee I can help you.

During your evaluation session you should expect to gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses with a full report using the latest Trackman 4. From this we can devise an action plan to suit your needs to allow you to be the best golfer you can be.

"I was really struggling with my driving and after speaking to you about my game you mentioned about a plan to change this problem. I am now driving it much straighter and more consistently which is making it less frustrating and more enjoyable. I am over the moon a I have won the last 3 out of 4 competition rounds."
Trevor Evans
"Your investment in a Trackman system occurred at the same time I was thinking about how to change my swing and I liked the idea of an evidence based record of change. I think the best thing about the lessons is the structure throughout the programme and your interactive teaching style. I have already beat my lowest round ever with a 77 gross which has help me reduce my handicap already this year."
Peter Golunski

Available lessons with Craig

PLAYER EVALUATION £ 19.99 Book now
50 MINS INDIVIDUAL £ 65.00 Book now
JUNIOR GROUP £ 60.00 Book now
LEARN GOLF GROUP £ 60.00 Book now
PLAYING LESSON - 2HRS £ 130.00 Book now
Trackman Distance Gapping £ 65.00 Book now
90 Minutes Lesson £ 90.00 Book now
Learn Golf Group Level 2 £ 60.00 Book now
Ladies Learn Golf Group £ 60.00 Book now
Corporate Lesson CG £ 90.00 Book now
corporate Launch Monitor CG £ 60.00 Book now
2 Hour Lesson £ 130.00 Book now
Junior 50 Minute Lesson £ 40.00 Book now
50 Minute Lesson x2 people £ 80.00 Book now

At N1GOLF we aim to help everyone learn and enjoy golf to their potential. Book a session at your nearest venue today and start your journey to success!

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