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Chris Bonner

N1 Golf London

About Chris

Chris is an experienced Golf Coach that uses a modern approach and his wealth of knowledge to structure your Golf Swing ensuring it's repeatable and reliable. Combining ball flight Analysis/ Club Data Analysis (through the new Trackman system) and High Speed video to immediately diagnose any problems that are inhibiting you reaching your goals. At the end of your session Chris will provide you with a video analysis of the lesson to help you in your practice and keep the changes fresh in your mind. This process allows you to retain your individual swing and see results from making only the necessary changes to improve your scores.

Working alongside and being mentored by some of the most well respected Coaches in the UK. He has a history of coaching golfers of all abilities, from coaching PGA Professionals and County team players to his most recent coaching achievement, developing a complete beginner to a 10 handicap golfer in just 6 months!

Chris' philosophy is that you must first know what you do to produce your bad shot before you can make a lasting change. The majority of Golfers misunderstand what happens at impact which is why their ball flight never seems to change and their bad shot follows them like a shadow. First understand whats going wrong and then it's possible to implement the changes needed to achieve the ball flight you desire.

Available lessons with Chris

PLAYER EVALUATION £ 30.00 Book now
50 MINUTE SESSION £ 60.00 Book now
2 HOUR PLAYING LESSON £ 120.00 Book now
CORPORATE BOOKING £ 80.00 Book now
ACADEMY MEMBER £ 48.00 Book now
90 MINUTE SESSION £ 90.00 Book now
Lesson x 2 People £ 70.00 Book now
30 MINUTE SESSION £ 40.00 Book now
Lesson x 3 People £ 80.00 Book now
90 Mins Golf Lesson x3 People £ 120.00 Book now

At N1GOLF we aim to help everyone learn and enjoy golf to their potential. Book a session at your nearest venue today and start your journey to success!

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